More lomographic adventures!

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13 March
Mar 13
13th March 2014

So my adventures in lomography continues! I've been using different film so the pictures are coming out quite nice, plus I've been getting the hang of the camera now (I think!) Here's some examples:               ...

Wedding Photography

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16 July
Jul 16
16th July 2013

Wedding season is here! It's been a while since I've done a wedding, but despite feeling like I may not be up to the challenge after a few years break, I think the photos came out quite well! You can see for yourself by viewing the album:  ...


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4 April
Apr 4
4th April 2013

Lomography   I'm starting to get into Lomography now since getting a Diana F+ camera for Christmas. Using film properly for the first time is interesting and even more of a challenge with a strange little camera like the Diana! But it is definitely proving to be fun and unpredictable, unlike digital photography sometimes (not that it isn't fun, but it's pretty predictable in its results). It's a lot more exciting than I imagined it would be, the not knowing. Every shot I take is at best, a ...

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