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Trying more film

Posted by Luke Wilson on 14th March 2014 in Film Photography | lomography, photography, 35mm, retro, SLR camera
So I got my dad's old film camera back the other day. I thought I'd give it a try again since when I tried before about 10 years back, it just confused me! But now after doing photography for about 5 years or so, I feel like I can probably understand it more!   The camera is a 35mm SLR Zenit-E camera from the 1970's or there about. It was an old mass-produced entry level camera made in the USSR - and it's really quite heavy! Once I get some film for it, I'm going to go out and try get some nice shots and see how I fare, but until then, here's a couple photos of the camera itself:...

Black and White Surprise

Posted by Luke Wilson on 21st March 2014 in Photography | lomography, photography, 35mm, retro, SLR camera, black and white, film
I've been snapping away at every opportunity these last few days with the Zenit-E. Turns out, there was some film in it from years ago! So I've been using up what ever was left of that film just to see what will be produced. Last night I snapped the last shot on the roll and when I (eventually) found how to roll the film off, I discovered that there was a black and white film inside! It is also a 400 ISO film and I was shooting under the assumption and settings of a 200 colour film - so it'll be interesting to see how these photos turn out, if anything produces at all!   I also took the last few shots on my Diana camera too, so now I have two rolls to get prin...